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This is a custom-built memorization utility, currently accommodating the following sets of flashcards:

Old English Oddities
Vocabulary Complete vocabulary
Sentences Selected shorter sentences
Old English Poetics
Rhythm and alliteration exercises Identification of alliteration and lifts (on the line level)
Scansion exercises Identification of Sievers types and other metrical features (on the verse level)
old norse @ langeslag / Aufbaumodul 2: Old Norse Language and Literature (2016–2017)
Pronouns Pronoun paradigms for Old English and Old Norse, side by side.
Nouns Noun paradigms.
Verbs Inflected verb forms.
Phrases Synthesised word forms, phrases, and simple clauses by which to test your knowledge of Old Norse grammar.
Sentences Real Old Norse sentences demonstrating various inflectional patterns.
Valfells and Cathey vocabulary The vocabulary items from the first several chapters of Old Icelandic: An Introductory Course.
Old English Literature (lecture course, 2015–2016)
Key concepts Lists of concepts for a range of themes to do with Anglo-Saxon literature and culture. (I need to fix a bug in the PHP that causes a muddled display of week numbers in the left-hand panel.)
Aufbaumodul 2: The Old Testament in Anglo-Saxon England (2019–2020)
Glossaries Selective vocabulary sets for the various readings of this course.
Advanced Old Norse (2013)
Egils saga advanced vocabulary Chapter-by-chapter vocabulary items for Egils saga, with the omission of the more common words.
Oratory Latin (2009–2013)
Collins vocabulary Vocabulary with Collins’s Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, based on Paul Denisowski’s sets.
Latin IV vocabulary Words encountered in Psalms and liturgical readings.
ENG240Y Old English (2010–2011)
In Parentheses vocabulary a vocabulary set modified from the first five pages of the In Parentheses set
prepositions the prepositions from the class slides
modals the modals from the class slides
strong verb vocabulary the vocabulary and class numbers from the longer strong verb handout
straightforward strong verb reconstruction recognizing strong verb forms from the shorter strong verb handout
full strong verb reconstruction recognizing strong verb forms from the longer strong verb handout
sentences all 222 example sentences used in the Fall term grammar lectures
cumulative translation vocab vocabulary from the glossaries to the spring quizzes, updated fortnightly