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frorenfrēosan (II) ‘freeze’, past ptc
luconlūcan (II) ‘lock’, 2nd pret
hwearfhweorfan (III) ‘turn’, 1st pret
fielðfeallan (VII) ‘fall’, 3pres
hwierfðhweorfan (III) ‘turn’, 3pres
brugdonbreġdan (III) ‘pull, unsheath’, 2nd pret
hladeðhladan (VI) ‘load’, 3pres
bearhbeorgan (III) ‘protect’, 1st pret
cropencrēopan (II) ‘creep’, past ptc
bidenbīdan (I) ‘wait’, past ptc
bræġdbreġdan (III) ‘pull, unsheath’, 1st pret
cwæþcweðan (V) ‘say’, 1st pret