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ā (ab, abs)(prep. + abl.) from, away from
glōria, glōriae, fglory
sine(prep. + abl.) without
famīlia, famīliae, fhousehold, family
in(prep. + acc.; 2. + abl.) 1. into, onto, against; for (the purpose of), 2. in, on, among; by means of, with
cum(prep. + abl.) with
grātia, grātiae, fgrace, favor, credit; pl. thanks
-que(enclitic coord. conj.) and
hōra, hōrae, fhour
ē (ex)(prep. + abl.) from, out of
ecclēsia, ecclēsiae, fchurch, assembly
pāpa, pāpae, mPope