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scutum, scuti, (neut. 2nd decl.)shield
glorior, gloriari, --, gloriatus sumboast, pride oneself
guttur, gutturis, (neut. 3rd decl.)throat, glottony
dolosus, dolosa, dolosum, (adj. 1st and 2nd decl.)deceitfull, crafty
impietas, impietatis, (f. 3rd decl.)impiety, disloyalty, unfilial conduct
decido, decidere, decidi, decisumcut off, settle, put an end to
irrito irritare, irritavi, irritatusprovoke, incite, inrage
clamor, clamoris, (f. 3rd decl.)shout, cry, acclamation
mane (neut. indecl.)Morning, (adv) in the early morning, early
percipio, percipere, percepi, perceptustake, get hold of, gather in, (sense) feel, (mind) learn, grasp, understand
pateo, patere, patui, --be open, accessible, exposed, extend, be evident, known. (patens also broad)