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leitaði3sg pret indic leita “seek” (2)
leyfi1sg pres indic leyfa “permit” (1, long stem)
leyfðu3pl pret indic leyfa “permit” (1, long stem)
leita1sg/3pl pres indic leita “seek” (2)
teljum1pl pres indic telja “count” (1, short stem)
leitið2pl pres indic leita “seek” (2)
hygg1sg pres indic hyggja “think” (1, short stem)
hugðpast ptc fem hyggja “think” (1, short stem)
leyftpast ptc neut leyfa “permit” (1, long stem)
hugðir2sg pret indic hyggja “think” (1, short stem)
flytja3pl pres indic flytja “move” (1, short stem)
svǫrum1pl pres indic svara “answer” (2)