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dvalði3sg pret indic dvelja “stay, tarry” (1, short stem)
flutti3sg pret indic flytja “move” (1, short stem)
leyfir2/3sg pres indic leyfa “permit” (1, long stem)
leitaðir2sg pret indic leita “seek” (2)
tǫluðpast ptc fem tala “talk” (2)
leyfðpast ptc fem leyfa “permit” (1, long stem)
þakkaði3sg pret indic þakka “thank” (2)
flytja3pl pres indic flytja “move” (1, short stem)
hyggja3pl pres indic hyggja “think” (1, short stem)
talði3sg pret indic telja “count” (1, short stem)
þǫkkum1pl pres indic þakka “thank” (2)
spurtpast ptc neut spyrja “ask” (1, short stem)