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IngvaeonicThe North Sea Germanic language family: Old Frisian, Old English, Old Saxon
Client stateA state governed under heavy influence of a more powerful state
Interpretatio romanaThe practice of identifying foreign deities with approximate Roman equivalents, e.g. reading Mercury for Wodan
DanelawAn independent, Scandinavian-ruled territory in northern England from 886 until 954; in the intervening period, the northern territories were gradually won back by the House of Wessex
Bayeux TapestryA long embroidered cloth from 1070s Norman England visually depicting the Norman Conquest
BritanniaRoman Britain, c. 43 CE–c. 410 CE
Universal religionA religion based on individual salvation
InterlaceA decorative style, found in the visual arts and especially in the metalwork of early medieval northern Europe, involving intertwining ribbons, often terminating in animal heads