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Þa gesawon hi þær twegen englasThen they saw two angels there
...ealle unrihtwisnessa þa ic gefremde fram geoguðe minre æt ðysne andwerdan dæg...all the injustices which I have committed from my youth up to this present day
Hwy ne meaht þu hit ongitan?Why can't you understand?
Ofer ða hi sculon ricsianThem they ought to govern
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Þa seo fæmne cwæðThen the woman said
Wel þu cwædeYou have spoken well
Ic ðe mæg sum bispell secgan, þæt þu meaht þy sweotolor ongitanI can tell you an example, so that you may understand the more clearly
Iohannes eode in þone cafertunJohn went into the courtyard
Se wæs þara manna modgast ealraHe was the bravest of all those men
He wolde hine to deaðe gedonHe wanted to put him to death
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion