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waldend þone godanthe good ruler ["ruler the good"]
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is stronger by as much as one is large in one's body
Þu alysdest þine sawla mid þære mynegungeYou redeemed your soul with that admonition
Hie sind an god, on anre godcundnesse and on anum gecyndeThey are one god, in one divinity and in one nature
Man brohte his heafod on anum disceThey brought his head on a platter (or: his head was brought on a platter)
On þære tide cwæð Petrus "X"At that time, Peter said "X"
Ælce niht on minum bedde ic sice and wepeEvery night in my bed I sigh and weep
Sio tunge sendeð þa sawle in hellegrundThe tongue sends the soul into the abyss of hell
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Lufiað eowre fyndLove your enemies
Ða andwyrde se Wisdom himThen Wisdom answered him (them)
he hearde feollhe fell hard