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Barrabas wæs þær þy siðe on bendumAt that time, Barrabas was in chains there
Ic seo þone cyningI see the king
Þone cyning seceð se þeowIt is the king whom the servant seeks
Bewepað eowre synnaLament your sins
Eala þu cniht!Hey, boy!
He arn þa to þam hælende þa he hine geseahThen he ran to the saviour when he saw him
Þa wæron þa Filistei swiðe bliðeThen the Philistines were very joyful
He wearð acennedHe was born
He wolde hine to deaðe gedonHe wanted to put him to death
Ða wendon hi geond þæt landThen they went throughout the land
Hwilum Brettas, hwilum eft Seaxan sige geslogonSometimes the British won the victory, and sometimes the Saxons
Sage me hwær God sæte þa he geworhte heofonas and eorðanTell me where God was when he created heavens and earth