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Hi þa ferdon geond wegasThey then travelled across the roads
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palm-tree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands
Ic ðe mæg sum bispell secgan, þæt þu meaht þy sweotolor ongitanI can tell you an example, so that you may understand the more clearly
Be þissum ðinge ge habbað oft gehyredYou have often heard about this matter
Hie wæron englum geliceThey were like angels
On þysum geare wæs se mycla hungar geond AngelcynnIn this year there was the great hunger throughout the English people
Se þeoden sende his þegnasThe king sent his servants
Sciþþie hæfdon maran monmenie, and self hwætran wæronThe Scythians had a greater host, and they were themselves braver
Wæs he Osrices sunuHe was Osrice's son
Moyses rædde his boc þam folceMoses read his book to the people
Crist mid drium fotwylmum ofer yþum eodeChrist walked across the waves with dry footsoles
Þu alysdest þine sawla mid þære mynegungeYou redeemed your soul with that admonition