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Hine lufiað þa he clænsaðThose whom he purifies love him
Se wæs þara manna modgast ealraHe was the bravest of all those men
Beo ge underðiodde eowrum ieldrum magumBe subservient to your elder kinsmen
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is stronger by as much as one is large in one's body
Hie beoð alysede ær þam mycclum domeThey will be redeemed before the great judgement
Þu þæt cwædeYou said it
Æt þisses ofetes!Eat of this fruit!
Ure aliesend is mara and mærra eallum gesceaftumOur redeemer is greater and more illustrious than all creatures
Hwylce þæt ic on þæm medmestan geðohte gesyngode, ealle ða wæron ðær on awriteneAll that I sinned in my innermost thought, all those things were written on there
Ælfred kyning hateð gretan Wærferð biscep his wordum luflice ond freondlice; ond ðe cyðan hate ðæt me com swiðe oft on gemynd, hwelce wiotan iu wæron giond Angelcynn, ægðer ge godcundra hada ge woruldcundraKing Alfred orders Bishop Wærferð to be greeted with his words in an affectionate and friendly manner; and I order to be announced to you that it has very often come to my mind what wise men there once were throughout England, both of divine and worldly occupations
Hie habbað feala morðres gefremedThey have committed many crimes
Min broþor mec of earde adrafMy brother drove me from the land