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Ne sece ic no her þa bec, ac þæt ðæt þa bec forstentI do not here seek the books, but that which the books represent
Þæt folc wæs todrifen ofer eall Egypta landThe people was dispersed across all of Egypt
Þu alysdest þine sawla mid þære mynegungeYou redeemed your soul with that admonition
Ða andwyrde se Wisdom himThen Wisdom answered him (them)
Þone cyning seceð se þeowIt is the king whom the servant seeks
he hearde feollhe fell hard
Hie him on ðæt nebb spæton, forðon ðe he nyle giefan ðæt him God geafThey spat him (!them) on the nose, because he would not give what God had given him (them)
Hine lufiað þa he clænsaðThose whom he purifies love him
Ealle cyningas onbugað himAll kings bow before him
Se yrðling lufað þone æcerThe farmer loves the field
On eorðlicere cyrcan lið stan ofer staneIn the earthly church, stones lies upon stone
Ælfred kyning hateð gretan Wærferð biscep his wordum luflice ond freondlice; ond ðe cyðan hate ðæt me com swiðe oft on gemynd, hwelce wiotan iu wæron giond Angelcynn, ægðer ge godcundra hada ge woruldcundraKing Alfred orders Bishop Wærferð to be greeted with his words in an affectionate and friendly manner; and I order to be announced to you that it has very often come to my mind what wise men there once were throughout England, both of divine and worldly occupations