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Þa men ðe Iohannes fullode, ða wæron eft gefullode on Cristes fulluhteThe people whom John baptized, they were baptized again at Christ's baptism [or: drop the comma, and read "were then baptized again..."]
Ðes is min leofa sunu þe me wel licaðThis is my beloved son who pleases me
Ure aliesend is mara and mærra eallum gesceaftumOur redeemer is greater and more illustrious than all creatures
Saga hwæt ic hatteSay what I am called
Ic giestron wæs geong acennedYesterday I was born young
Man brohte his heafod on anum disceThey brought his head on a platter (or: his head was brought on a platter)
Þone cyning seceð se þeowIt is the king whom the servant seeks
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is the stronger as one is large in body
Se cyning seceð þone þeowThe king seeks the servant
Þa cwæð se engel to hyreThen the angel said to her
He geaf his dohtor Burgrede cyningeHe gave his daughter to King Burgred
...ealle unrihtwisnessa þa ic gefremde fram geoguðe minre æt ðysne andwerdan dæg...all the injustices which I have committed from my youth up to this present day