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Hi hæfdon eac ane feawa fixa, þa he bletsodeThey also had a few fish, which he blessed
Hi þa ferdon geond wegasThey then travelled across the roads
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion
We willaþ us to scype ganganWe want to go to the ship / embark
Se deofol him þa abealh and þa fæmne forswelgan woldeThe devil then became angry and wanted to devour the woman
Unriht weaxeð ealles to wideInjustice grows far too widely
Gyt ne com min tid; eower tid is symble gearuMy time has not yet come; your time is ever ready
Se cyning is godThe king is good
Se stan is ormætlice micelThe stone is immeasurably large
Oft him gebyreð ðæt hie weorðað bereafodIt often happens to them (!him) that they are robbed
Dryhtnes cempa feonda þreatum wiðstod strongliceThe Lord's warrior firmly withstood the throngs of enemies
Ne gecneow se gerefa þara namena nan ðing þe he þær namodeThe reeve did not know anything of the words which he mentioned here