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Man gehalgode twegen biscopasTwo bishops were consecrated (or: they consecrated two bishops)
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion
Se þeoden sende his þegnasThe king sent his servants
Sciþþie hæfdon maran monmenie, and self hwætran wæronThe Scythians had a greater host, and they were themselves braver
Se yrðling lufað þone æcerThe farmer loves the field
Nan man hine ne cuðe gecnawanNo-one was able to recognize him
Bidde eac godra manna bletsunge, and æt halgum reliquium his hæle geseceAlso ask for the blessing of holy men, and seek his cure at the holy relic
On þam fifteoþan geare com Godes word ofer IohannemIn the fifteenth year, God's word came to John
Se wer fremeþ unrihthæmed wiþ oþer wifThe man commits adultery with another woman
Ure aliesend is mara and mærra eallum gesceaftumOur redeemer is greater and more illustrious than all creatures
Her com Port on Brytene and his twegan sunanHere [i.e. in this year] Port came to Britain, and his two sons
Seo dene wæs deop and widThe valley was deep and wide