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Geweorðod ofer werþeodaHonoured among the nations of men
Þa wearð God þam werode wraðThen God became angry with that host
Þu hine ongeate unweorðneYou saw him to be unworthy
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Þa he swilce ungewitt gehyrde, he wearð sarig on his modeWhen he heard such nonsense, he became sorrowful at heart
Ðonne byrnð seo eorðeThen the earth will burn
Ic wille sendan flod ofer ealne middaneardI want to send a flood across all the world
Heo ne mihte þæt cild gehyranShe could not hear the child
La ælmihtiga God and ealra cyninga cyningOh almighty God and king of all kings
He wearð acennedHe was born
Þu scealt greot etan þine lifdagasYou will eat dirt [all] the days of your life
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palm-tree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands