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Ne fremest þu riht wið meYou are not doing right by me
Seo halgung þæs mæran naman godesThe glorification of God's great name
Sciþþie hæfdon maran monmenie, and self hwætran wæronThe Scythians had a greater host, and they were themselves braver
XX daga ic þær mid minre fyrde wið him wicodeFor 20 days I dwelt there with him with my army
Hi beoð gesælige gif hi soð lufiaðThey are blessed if they love truth
On ðæm dæge he gemette ane eaOn that day he came upon a river
Þa wæron þa Filistei swiðe bliðeThen the Philistines were very joyful
Her lið sweorde geheawen, beheafdod healdend ureHere lies our ruler, struck with the sword, beheaded
Ða andwyrde se Wisdom himThen Wisdom answered him (them)
Ða hie þa Crist oferfangenne hæfdon, þa gebundon hie hineWhen they had caught Christ, they bound him
Ic gehyre minne oðerne hlafordI obey my other lord
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is stronger by as much as one is large in one's body