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waldend þone godanthe good ruler ["ruler the good"]
On ðæm dæge he gemette ane eaOn that day he came upon a river
Þisne ic wille sendanI want to send this one
Se bið ðin eage se þe ðe wisdom tæcðIt is your eye that teaches you wisdom
Se cyning seceð þone þeowThe king seeks the servant
Ænne cræft ic cannThere is one skill I have (i.e. know how to do) / I have one trade
Ælce niht on minum bedde ic sice and wepeEvery night in my bed I sigh and weep
Þa Eadmund clypode ænne bisceop þe him þa gehendost wæsThen Edmund called a bishop who was then the nearest to him
Ðin eage is þines lichaman leohtfætYour eye is your body's lamp
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion
Þæt folc wæs todrifen ofer eall Egypta landThe people was dispersed across all of Egypt
Seo halgung þæs mæran naman godesThe glorification of God's great name