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Ic wille sendan flod ofer ealne middaneardI want to send a flood across all the world
Hine lufiað þa he clænsaðThose whom he purifies love him
...ealle unrihtwisnessa þa ic gefremde fram geoguðe minre æt ðysne andwerdan dæg...all the injustices which I have committed from my youth up to this present day
La ælmihtiga God and ealra cyninga cyningOh almighty God and king of all kings
Wæs he Osrices sunuHe was Osrice's son
Se arwurþe Nicolaus todælde þæt corn þe he begeoten hæfdeThe honourable Nicholas divided the corn that he had obtained
Þy sweorde ic hine ofslohI killed him with the sword
Iohannes fulluht ðwoh þone mannan wiðutan, and nan ðing wiðinnanJohn's baptism washed that man on the outside, and nothing on the inside
He wearð acennedHe was born
Þa het se cyning hie sittan, and hie swa dydonThen the king ordered them (!her) to sit, and they did so
Sciþþie hæfdon maran monmenie, and self hwætran wæronThe Scythians had a greater host, and they were themselves braver
Þu hine ongeate unweorðneYou saw him to be unworthy