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Þa gebundon hie hineThen they bound him
Sage me hwær God sæte þa he geworhte heofonas and eorðanTell me where God was when he created heavens and earth
Iohannes fulluht ðwoh þone mannan wiðutan, and nan ðing wiðinnanJohn's baptism washed that man on the outside, and nothing on the inside
Ða hie þa Crist oferfangenne hæfdon, þa gebundon hie hineWhen they had caught Christ, they bound him
Þær gadorod wæs hundteontig muneca and feowertig eallesThere were gathered 140 monks in all
Dægtidum ic oft spæte sperebroganAt daytime I often spit out the terror of spears
Lufiað eowre fyndLove your enemies
Dæges and nihtes he wurðode hine mid lofsangumBy day and by night he glorified him with songs of praise
Of ælcum treowe ðises orcerdes ðu most etanYou may eat from every tree in this garden
Se ærendraca ða hine gemette deadneThe messenger then found him dead
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion
Þa wearð God þam werode wraðThen God became angry with that host