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Dægtidum ic oft spæte sperebroganAt daytime I often spit out the terror of spears
Hige sceal þe heardraThe mind must be the firmer
God lufode IacobGod loved Jacob
Ealle cyningas onbugað himAll kings bow before him
Ure aliesend is mara and mærra eallum gesceaftumOur redeemer is greater and more illustrious than all creatures
Þone cyning seceð se þeowIt is the king whom the servant seeks
Þis is landa betstThis is the best of lands
Him wæs þearf micelHe had great need
He hæfde twegene sunu, Ermenred and ErcenberhtHe had two sons, Ermenred and Ercenberht
Þa he hine slean wolde þa feoll he underbæcWhen he wanted to strike him he fell back
Oft him gebyreð ðæt hie weorðað bereafodIt often happens to them (!him) that they are robbed
Nis na gedafenlic þæt þes man ana beoIt is not fitting for this man to be alone