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Of ælcum treowe ðises orcerdes ðu most etanYou may eat from every tree in this garden
Ða hie þa Crist oferfangenne hæfdon, þa gebundon hie hineWhen they had caught Christ, they bound him
Sage me hwær God sæte þa he geworhte heofonas and eorðanTell me where God was when he created heavens and earth
Ic gehyre minne oðerne hlafordI obey my other lord
Heo ne mihte þæt cild gehyranShe could not hear the child
He fremede swa and frean hierdeHe did so and obeyed his lord
On þære tide cwæð Petrus "X"At that time, Peter said "X"
Se stan is ormætlice micelThe stone is immeasurably large
Ðes is min leofa sunu þe me wel licaðThis is my beloved son who pleases me
Ða slog se wind þone leg on þæt husThen the wind blew the flame against the house
Hi beoð gesælige gif hi soð lufiaðThey are blessed if they love truth
Moyses rædde his boc þam folceMoses read his book to the people