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Him wæs metes micel lustHe had a great appetite for food
Þu alysdest þine sawla mid þære mynegungeYou redeemed your soul with that admonition
Hie sind an god, on anre godcundnesse and on anum gecyndeThey are one god, in one divinity and in one nature
he hearde feollhe fell hard
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Her com Port on Brytene and his twegan sunanHere [i.e. in this year] Port came to Britain, and his two sons
Be þissum ðinge ge habbað oft gehyredYou have often heard about this matter
Þar eode in ðæs cynges iunge dohtor and cyste hyre fæderThe king's young daughter went in there and kissed her father
Min broþor mec of earde adrafMy brother drove me from the land
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palm-tree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands
He arn þa to þam hælende þa he hine geseahThen he ran to the saviour when he saw him
Ða clypode se cyning mid micelre stemne: "Mære is se god þe Daniel on belyfð"Then the king called out with a loud voice, "Great is the god in whom Daniel believes"