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Seo dene wæs deop and widThe valley was deep and wide
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palmtree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands
hie hrædlice for mægenleaste swultonthey quickly died on account of [their] weakness
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Þis is landa betstThis is the best of lands
Moyses rædde his boc þam folceMoses read his book to the people
Leoht wæs ærest þurh drihtnes word dæg genemnedLight was first named "day" by the Lord's word
Ðonne byrnð seo eorðeThen the earth will burn
Ne mihtest ðu ane tide wacian?Were you unable to stay awake for one hour?
He wunode on dunum dæges and nihtesHe lived in the mountains by day and by night
On þysum geare wæs se mycla hungar geond AngelcynnIn this year there was the great hunger throughout the English people
Þa wæs gast ofer holm boren miclum spedumThen the spirit was carried across the water at great speed