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Þonne we sind gelaðode, þonne sind we untigedeWhen we are vindicated, we will be untied
He fremede swyðe fela yfelaHe committed very many crimes
Hie him on ðæt nebb spæton, forðon ðe he nyle giefan ðæt him God geafThey spat him (!them) on the nose, because he would not give what God had given him (them)
Hwy þu la drihten æfre woldest þæt seo wyrd swa hwyrfan sceolde?Why, o Lord, would you ever want for fate to turn thus?
Þa mæssepreostas beoþ Godes cyricena lareowasThe priests are the teachers of God's churches
Ða cwæð se hælend him toThen the saviour said to him
Ælce niht on minum bedde ic sice and wepeEvery night in my bed I sigh and weep
Fiftyna sum sundwudu sohteI sought out the ship as one of fifteen
Se þeow seceð þone cyningThe servant seeks the king
Sciþþie hæfdon maran monmenie, and self hwætran wæronThe Scythians had a greater host, and they were themselves braver
We budon ðe þæs þe we sylfe brucaðWe offered you of that which we ourselves eat
Crist mid drium fotwylmum ofer yþum eodeChrist walked across the waves with dry footsoles
On þam fifteoþan geare com Godes word ofer IohannemIn the fifteenth year, God's word came to John
Ða clypode se cyning mid micelre stemne: "Mære is se god þe Daniel on belyfð"Then the king called out with a loud voice, "Great is the god in whom Daniel believes"
Cynewulf benam Sigebryht his ricesCynewulf deprived Sigebryht of his kingdom
Beon eower lendena ymbgyrdeLet your limbs be girt about
Hie beoð alysede ær þam mycclum domeThey will be redeemed before the great judgement
On eorðlicere cyrcan lið stan ofer staneIn the earthly church, stones lies upon stone
Ða com oðer dæg, leoht æfter þeostrumThen came the second day, light after dark
Se þeoden sende his þegnasThe king sent his servants
Þa þæt se ealdormon hierde, þa adrencte he hiene selfneWhen the general heard that, he drowned himself
Hige sceal þe heardraThe mind must be the firmer
Ic geseah mines folces geswinc on Egypta lande, and heora hream ic gehyrdeI saw the toil of my people in Egypt, and I heard their outcry
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palmtree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands
Angle sind swa fægeres hiwes mennThe Angles (English) are people of such fair complexion
Se casere wæs ofslagenThe emperor was killed
Se arwurþe Nicolaus todælde þæt corn þe he begeoten hæfdeThe honourable Nicholas divided the corn that he had obtained
Þa sendon Romane ærendracan to himThen the Romans sent messengers / a messenger to him / to them
On fyrbæðe wunodest, suslum beþrungenYou lived in a bath of fire, pressed about with torments
Dæges and nihtes he wurðode hine mid lofsangumBy day and by night he glorified him with songs of praise
He hæfde twegene sunu, Ermenred and ErcenberhtHe had two sons, Ermenred and Ercenberht
Bewepað eowre synnaLament your sins
Hie habbað feala morðres gefremedThey have committed many crimes
Ne fremest þu riht wið meYou are not doing right by me
Þæt sweord acwellað þone lichaman, ac hit ne mæg þa sawle acwellanThe sword kills the body, but it cannot kill the soul
Ænne cræft ic cannThere is one skill I have (i.e. know how to do) / I have one trade
Ða andwyrde se Wisdom himThen Wisdom answered him (them)
Ne gecneow se gerefa þara namena nan ðing þe he þær namodeThe reeve did not know anything of the words which he mentioned here
Þær gadorod wæs hundteontig muneca and feowertig eallesThere were gathered 140 monks in all
Þa cwæð him hælend toThen the saviour said to him/them
Ealle þa ðe onfoð sweord mid sweorde hi forwurðaðAll those who take the sword perish by the sword
He geaf his dohtor Burgrede cyningeHe gave his daughter to King Burgred
Þa se cyning ðæt anfunde, þæt him mon geswicen hæfde, he ða hiene selfne forbærndeWhen the king discovered that he had been deceived, he lit himself on fire
He nat hwæt him toweard biðHe does not know what he has coming to him (what they have coming to them)
Þis is landa betstThis is the best of lands
Ic giestron wæs geong acennedYesterday I was born young
Ure aliesend is mara and mærra eallum gesceaftumOur redeemer is greater and more illustrious than all creatures
Þa seo fæmne cwæðThen the woman said
Wæs he Osrices sunuHe was Osrice's son
God lufode IacobGod loved Jacob
hie hrædlice for mægenleaste swultonthey quickly died on account of [their] weakness
Þonne him þince, þæt he fiscas geseo, þæt byð regnWhen it seems to him that he is seeing fish, it is rain
Ic ðe mæg sum bispell secgan, þæt þu meaht þy sweotolor ongitanI can tell you an example, so that you may understand the more clearly
On ðæm dæge he gemette ane eaOn that day he came upon a river
Ofer ða hi sculon ricsianThem they ought to govern
...ealle unrihtwisnessa þa ic gefremde fram geoguðe minre æt ðysne andwerdan dæg...all the injustices which I have committed from my youth up to this present day
Ælfred kyning hateð gretan Wærferð biscep his wordum luflice ond freondlice; ond ðe cyðan hate ðæt me com swiðe oft on gemynd, hwelce wiotan iu wæron giond Angelcynn, ægðer ge godcundra hada ge woruldcundraKing Alfred orders Bishop Wærferð to be greeted with his words in an affectionate and friendly manner; and I order to be announced to you that it has very often come to my mind what wise men there once were throughout England, both of divine and worldly occupations
Unriht weaxeð ealles to wideInjustice grows far too widely
Þu alysdest þine sawla mid þære mynegungeYou redeemed your soul with that admonition
On ðisum namum byð se a lang on eallum casumIn these words, the a is long in all cases
Ða com oðer dæg, leoht æfter þeostrumThen came the second day, light after dark
He geascode þone cyning lytle werode on wifcyþþeHe discovered that the king was in a woman's company with a small troop
Him wæs metes micel lustHe had a great appetite for food
Iohannes eode in þone cafertunJohn went into the courtyard
Sum consul Boetius wæs hatenA certain consul was called Boethius
waldend þone godanthe good ruler ["ruler the good"]
Þone cyning seceð se þeowIt is the king whom the servant seeks
Her com Port on Brytene and his twegan sunanHere [i.e. in this year] came Port to Britain with his two sons
He fremede swa and frean hierdeHe did so and obeyed his lord
Sæs up stigon ofer stæðweallasThe seas went up above the city walls
Þa gesawon hi þær twegen englasThen they saw two angels there
Ða wæron Hloðwiges sunu begenThey both were Hloðwig's sons
He sende ða sona syððan to þam cyninge beotlic ærendeHe then soon afterwards sent a threatening message to the king
Seo halgung þæs mæran naman godesThe glorification of God's great name
Se stan is ormætlice micelThe stone is immeasurably large
Moyses rædde his boc þam folceMoses read his book to the people
Þa het se cyning hie sittan, and hie swa dydonThen the king ordered them (!her) to sit, and they did so
La ælmihtiga God and ealra cyninga cyningOh almighty God and king of all kings
Samuhel ða ferde be Godes hæse to BethleemSamuel then travelled to Bethlehem at God's command
Þy sweorde ic hine ofslohI killed him with the sword
Iohannes fulluht ðwoh þone mannan wiðutan, and nan ðing wiðinnanJohn's baptism washed that man on the outside, and nothing on the inside
Se bið ðin eage se þe ðe wisdom tæcðIt is your eye that teaches you wisdom
Hie onlucað hiera modThey unlock their thought
Se deofol him þa abealh and þa fæmne forswelgan woldeThe devil then became angry and wanted to devour the woman
Mæg wæs his agen þridda and he feorða sylfHis own son was the third and he himself the fourth
Flod blod gewodBlood pervaded the water
Neron cwæþ, "Gang me near hider, and sege me hwæt þu þence"Nero said, "Come closer to me here, and tell me what you think"
Ðonne byrnð seo eorðeThen the earth will burn
Ealle cyningas onbugað himAll kings bow before him
Of ælcum treowe ðises orcerdes ðu most etanYou may eat from every tree in this garden
God þa geswefode þone Adam and þa þa he slep ða genam he an rib of his sidanGod then put Adam to sleep and, when he was asleep, he took a rib from his side
Se yrðling lufað þone æcerThe farmer loves the field
Saga hwæt ic hatteSay what I am called
he hearde feollhe fell hard
Heo cuðe Godes æShe knew God's law
Þu hine ongeate unweorðneYou saw him to be unworthy
Þam gedonum andswarige eall chorHaving done those things, let the entire choir respond
Ic wille sendan flod ofer ealne middaneardI want to send a flood across all the world
Ic eom þes cyninges sunuI am the king's son
Ic mærsode ðe ofer eorðanI made you great across the earth
On þinum þam haligan naman, gedo me halneIn your holy name, make me whole
Be þissum ðinge ge habbað oft gehyredYou have often heard about this matter
Se cyning is godThe king is good
On þære tide cwæð Petrus "X"At that time, Peter said "X"
Hwær synt þa cyningas þe geo wæron?Where are the kings that once were?
Iosue ða fleah andlang ðæs westenesJoshua then fled along the desert
Þa gebundon hie hineThen they bound him
Þar eode in ðæs cynges iunge dohtor and cyste hyre fæderThe king's young daughter went in there and kissed her father
Þa locode Petrus to Paule & cwæþ, "Rære up þin heafod and geseoh þis þæt Simon deþ"Then Peter looked at Paul and said, "Raise up your head and see this thing that Simon is doing"
Ic com hider on dome on þisne middaneardI came here into this world in judgement
Þy geare wæs senoð æt HeorotfordeIn that year, there was a synod at Hertford
Þæt folc wæs todrifen ofer eall Egypta landThe people was dispersed across all of Egypt
Æðelflæd wæs þæs cyninges dohtorÆðelflæd was the king's daughter
Þa arleasan ealle forweorðaðThe dishonourable ones will all perish
Þa wæs gast ofer holm boren miclum spedumThen the spirit was carried across the sea at greet speed
Ðu geherdest reccan þætte Iob sceolde bion se hehsta godYou have heard it said that Jove is the highest god
Se cyning seceð þone þeowThe king seeks the servant
Þa men ðe Iohannes fullode, ða wæron eft gefullode on Cristes fulluhteThe people whom John baptized, they were baptized again at Christ's baptism [or: drop the comma, and read "were then baptized again..."]
Hi beoð gesælige gif hi soð lufiaðThey are blessed if they love truth
Hwilum Brettas, hwilum eft Seaxan sige geslogonSometimes the British won the victory, and sometimes the Saxons
Crist namode Abel rihtwisneChrist called Abel righteous
Habbaþ we geascad þæt se ælmihtiga worhte wer ond wifWe have heard that the almighty made man and woman
Hie sind an god, on anre godcundnesse and on anum gecyndeThey are one god, in one divinity and in one nature
Lufiað eowre fyndLove your enemies
Se sealmwyrhta Dauid sang be CristeDavid the psalmist wrote about Christ
Bidde eac godra manna bletsunge, and æt halgum reliquium his hæle geseceAlso ask for the blessing of holy men, and seek his cure at the holy relic
Dægtidum ic oft spæte sperebroganAt daytime I often spit out the terror of spears
Se ærendraca ða hine gemette deadneThe messenger then found him dead
Gyt ne com min tid; eower tid is symble gearuMy time has not yet come; your time is ever ready
Se wer fremeþ unrihthæmed wiþ oþer wifThe man commits adultery with another woman
se tila cyningthe good king
He forspilde hie þurh forligreHe ruined her (them) through fornication
Se cyning is deadThe king is dead
Forgyf us ure gyltas swa swa we forgyfað urum gyltendumForgive us our offences just as we forgive our offenders
Þæs cyninges dohtor wæs micelra mægena fæmneThe king's daughter was a woman of great strengths
Ðin eage is þines lichaman leohtfætYour eye is your body's lamp
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is the stronger as one is large in body
Wel þu cwædeYou have spoken well
Þa andswaredon þa IudeasThen the Jews answered
He wearð acennedHe was born
Ne mihte nan læcewyrt awiht geliðianNo medicinal herb would be able to soothe at all
Æt þisses ofetes!Eat of this fruit!
Sume men wæron þe sægdon þæt hine wulfas abiton and frætonThere were some men who said that wolves tore him up and devoured him
Ne sece ic no her þa bec, ac þæt ðæt þa bec forstentI do not here seek the books, but that which the books represent
Ualentinianus ofsloh Maximum and feng to riceValentinian killed Maxim and succeeded to the empire
Þu wære mid Iosepe in EgyptolandeYou were in Egypt with Joseph
Him wæs þearf micelHe had great need
Seo dene wæs deop and widThe valley was deep and wide
Ælc cristen man sceal pater noster cunnanEvery Christian has to know the paternoster
Oft on gefeohte an feseð tyne and hwilum læs, hwilum maOften in battle one puts ten to flight, sometimes fewer, sometimes more
Þa cwæð se engel to hyreThen the angel said to her
Ic ða Ælfred cyning þas togædere gegaderodeThen I, King Alfred, brought these things together
He arn þa to þam hælende þa he hine geseahThen he ran to the saviour when he saw him
Hwylce þæt ic on þæm medmestan geðohte gesyngode, ealle ða wæron ðær on awriteneAll that I sinned in my innermost thought, all those things were written on there
Þu þæt cwædeYou said it
Ic wat þæt þu me gehyrstI know that you hear me
Leoht wæs ærest þurh drihtnes word dæg genemnedLight was first named "day" by the Lord's word
Ða com Willelm eorl fram geondan sæThen Earl William came from across the sea
We willaþ us to scype ganganWe want to go to the ship / embark
Þa Eadmund clypode ænne bisceop þe him þa gehendost wæsThen Edmund called a bishop who was then the nearest to him
Þa wæs Sarran sar on modeThen Sarah was sorrowful at heart
Þa gesawon þæt his þegnasThen his disciples saw that
Ic wat þæt us cymð se MæssiasI know that the Messiah will come to us
Dryhtnes cempa feonda þreatum wiðstod strongliceThe Lord's warrior firmly withstood the throngs of enemies
Ne mihtest ðu ane tide wacian?Were you unable to stay awake for one hour?
Man gehalgode twegen biscopasTwo bishops were consecrated (or: they consecrated two bishops)
Barrabas wæs þær þy side on bendumBarrabas was there in chains at that time
Þa wæron þa Filistei swiðe bliðeThen the Philistines were very joyful
Hi hæfdon eac ane feawa fixa, þa he bletsodeThey also had a few fish, which he blessed
Ælfred wæs Westseaxna cyningAlfred was the (a) king of the West Saxons
Ic gehyre minne oðerne hlafordI obey my other lord
Min broþor mec of earde adrafMy brother drove me from the land
Þa se tyma com þe God foresceawode, þa asende he his engelWhen the time came that God had ordained, he sent his angel
Her lið sweorde geheawen, beheafdod healdend ureHere lies our ruler, struck with the sword, beheaded
Ic geseo minne cyningI see my king
Hie gesetton tictator, þæt he sceolde bion hierra ofer þa consulasThey established a dictator, who was to be higher than the consuls
Þisne ic wille sendanI want to send this one
Nyde hit sceal eac on worulde for folces synnan yfelian swyðeIt must necessarily also grow worse in the world on account of the sins of the people
Ða hie þa Crist oferfangenne hæfdon, þa gebundon hie hineWhen they had caught Christ, they bound him
Sage me hwær God sæte þa he geworhte heofonas and eorðanTell me where God was when he created heavens and earth
Nis na gedafenlic þæt þes man ana beoIt is not fitting for this man to be alone
He wunode on dunum dæges and nihtesHe lived in the mountains by day and by night
He wolde hine to deaðe gedonHe wanted to put him to death
Hwy ne meaht þu hit ongitan?Why can't you understand?
He het þa cyrican halgianHe ordered for the church to be consecrated
Hi sendon þam cyninge sumne bisceopThey sent a certain bishop to the king
Oft him gebyreð ðæt hie weorðað bereafodIt often happens to them (!him) that they are robbed
Hi þa ferdon geond wegasThey then travelled across the roads
Man brohte his heafod on anum disceThey brought his head on a platter (or: his head was brought on a platter)
Eala þu cniht!Hey, boy!
Beo ge underðiodde eowrum ieldrum magumBe subservient to your elder kinsmen
Man bið þy strengra þe he bið micel on his lichomanOne is stronger by as much as one is large in one's body
Hie wæron englum geliceThey were like angels
Heo ne mihte þæt cild gehyranShe could not hear the child
Þa wæs gast ofer holm boren miclum spedumThen the spirit was carried across the water at great speed
Se wæs þara manna modgast ealraHe was the bravest of all those men
Se palm þe drihten sylf sette his agenum handumThe palm-tree which the Lord himself planted with his own hands
Her com Port on Brytene and his twegan sunanHere [i.e. in this year] Port came to Britain, and his two sons
Ðes is min leofa sunu þe me wel licaðThis is my beloved son who pleases me
Þu scealt greot etan þine lifdagasYou will eat dirt [all] the days of your life
Ða wendon hi geond þæt landThen they went throughout the land
Ða slog se wind þone leg on þæt husThen the wind blew the flame against the house
Nu ic geare geseo minne soþan cyning; ic stande on his gesihðe to him me gebiddendeNow I readily see my true king; I am standing in his sight praying to him
Wes þu on ofeste!Be in haste!
Lof sceolde he drihtnes wyrceanHe ought to have praised the Lord (lit. wrought the Lord's praise)
Ic seo þone cyningI see the king
Barrabas wæs þær þy siðe on bendumAt that time, Barrabas was in chains there
Þa he hine slean wolde þa feoll he underbæcWhen he wanted to strike him he fell back
Geweorðod ofer werþeodaHonoured among the nations of men
On þysum geare wæs se mycla hungar geond AngelcynnIn this year there was the great hunger throughout the English people
Þa he swilce ungewitt gehyrde, he wearð sarig on his modeWhen he heard such nonsense, he became sorrowful at heart
Nan man hine ne cuðe gecnawanNo-one was able to recognize him
XX daga ic þær mid minre fyrde wið him wicodeFor 20 days I dwelt there with him with my army
Ic beo him fæder, and he bið me sunuI will be a father to him, and he will be a son to me
Ic wat þæt he inc abolgen wyrðI know that he will become angry with you
Hine lufiað þa he clænsaðThose whom he purifies love him
Sio tunge sendeð þa sawle in hellegrundThe tongue sends the soul into the abyss of hell
He geseah man westweardes on þæt westen efstanHe saw a person hastening westwards into the desert
Þæt me is sorga mæst, þæt Adam sceal minne stol behealdanThat is the greatest of griefs to me, that Adam will occupy my throne
Ic hiere þam cyningeI obey the king
Þa wearð God þam werode wraðThen God became angry with that host
Men her on eorðan fremedon morðor wið heora scyppendPeople here on earth committed sin against their creator