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wiðtowards, against (+acc/gen/dat)
to, into, for (+dat)
offrom, of (+dat)
geondthroughout (+acc)
onin, on (+dat); into, onto (+acc)
innanin, inside, from within (+dat); into (+acc)
þurhthrough, during (+acc)
midwith, by means of (+dat)
oferabove, upon (+dat); over, across (+acc)
æfterafter, acc. to (+dat)
ongēanopposite, towards, against (+dat); towards, against (+acc)
ēacbesides (+dat)
framfrom, by (+dat)
beby, concerning (+dat)
bufanabove (+dat); upwards (+acc)
betweoxbetween, among (+acc/dat)
beforanbefore (+dat); to a point ahead (+acc)
forbefore, in place of (+dat)
binnaninside, within (+dat); to within, inwards (+acc)
andlangalong (+gen)
ǣrbefore (+dat)
ymbby, concerning (+acc)
geondanbeyond (+acc)
underunder, below (+dat); to below (+acc)
būtanoutside, except, without (+acc/dat)
ætat, from (+dat); until, up to (+acc)
up to, until (+acc)
inin, inside (+dat); into (+acc)
tōgēanestowards (+dat)